Shelleys Bakery operates out of probably the oldest catering and provisions shop in Highcliffe. The bakery has been there since Victorian times and was always a focal point of the community. I have pictures of flour being delivered there from cart colleting flour from Hinton station! It was formally called Ep Prout although may have had other names before then. But it has always been a bakery.

Shelleys itself has been a Dorset bakery for forty years having originated in Dorchester and moved to Lymington Road about five years ago to continue supplying the local residents and those further afield from those original facilities.

We are a traditional, speciality and artisan craft bakery which boasts the following:

  • All products are made daily in our local bakery which has a large production facility.
  • Over fifty varieties of cakes made daily in our own bakery in Highcliffe;
  • Around thirty different breads from pure traditional to exotic and artisan;
  • All made by hand in the “old fashioned way” using the finest wheat, yeast, and clean label products wherever possible;
  • We provide around twenty savoury products daily together with an award-winning pasty.
  • Our sandwiches are the absolute best, made with a wide variety of fillings and homemade bread directly from our stone-based ovens;
  • We pride ourselves on quality, quantity, taste, portion size and value for money;

We bake almost 24 hours a day, six days a week, so all of our products are fresh, nutritious and taste great.

Old-fashioned cottage loaves sit alongside artisan varieties like sourdough – and if that was not enough, there is also a wide range of speciality breads including Mediterranean and cheddar cheese-and-Marmite, Jalapeno and cheese, stilton and walnut and olive bread!

"The secret is good old-fashioned bread "like your grandmother made".

"I used my “loaf” when opening Shellys".

All of our sandwiches and rolls can be supplied on white, Granary (malted wheat) or wholemeal flour; all made that day in our bakery. We also provide baps, torpedoes, and crusty rolls.

We have an unlimited number of fillings far too many to list here. But ham, beef, turkey, pastrami, chicken, pate, bacon, sausage  salami, prawn, smoked salmon, tuna, cheddar mild and mature, blue brie, Stilton, falafel, humus etc all with a wide range of salad items, pickles, and relishes.

Shelleys are immensely proud of our cake selection which has been and evaluated for many decades and represents traditional and more modern varieties of products. We are continuously improving our range. As for the cakes and sweets, the list goes on - gorgeous fruit-stuffed Chelsea buns, treacle tarts, rum truffles, cream horns, and chocolate fudge cake, to name just a few. We have over fifty cake varieties!